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Clara’s characterisation in Deep Breath is one of her strongest yet, but it also builds on nearly a series of writing which gave us plenty of insight into who she is and who she wants to be. One striking example is how her acceptance of the regenerated Doctor is handled. What changes her mind is that he needs her and that fits Clara’s character perfectly.

She strives to help other people, whether she is running after a child she doesn’t know in The Rings of Akhaten or staying as a nanny with the Maitlands after their mother dies. It’s not merely selfless dedication, she likes it when other people depend on her. “And best of all, he really needs you”, she says about the Eleventh Doctor.

And so he does not, in fact, guilt her into continuing to travel with his future regeneration - but asks her to help. Because that is what Clara Oswald does.



Moffat gets Grumpy at Matt

"That’s how clumsy he is! He’s clumsy when he’s NOT IN-MOTION!"

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