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  • Anonymous asked : Woul you mind explaining who actually did kill the romantic relationship idea/what really happened with it? I've been hearing a lot of false information and I'm not sure where to look for an accurate story.


    As far as I can tell, Moffat himself made that decision.

    Basically what happened was I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for the NYC Premier World Tour thing and during the Q&A, a girl in the audience basically asked a question that boiled down to (though not worded in this way) asking if Peter and Moffat had been fighting on set about their opinions on the Doctor/the show in general (because obviously Peter would’ve taken the job just to “make it better” and would’ve totally acted disrespectfully you know. Uhg.).

    When they made it clear that no, they had not been fighting, the girl said “But Peter said in an interview about the flirting-” and he responded by saying that he never said those words to anyone. He and Moffat never had a conversation in which Peter dictated to him that there would be absolutely no flirting. The journalist who wrote the original quote was twisting his words (“Could you believe they’d do that!” joked Moffat) and making stuff up. Honestly, I’m thinking the journalist probably got his/her hands on a copy of the leaked script or leaked episode because:

    And as I said, Moffat then countered with "And no one’s asked poor Jenna how she feels about the situation."

    Which… just speaks volumes about all this, I think.

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  • owlmylove:


    so this housewife decided to rewrite the harry potter series into christian books so that her kids wont be reading about witchcraft and i just cant eveN BREATHE BC THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL

    read it here:

    Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles


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  • killercometocall:

    Okay so in Deep Breath when Strax is inspecting Clara and he goes to say her life expectancy and she stops him. Now in Listen the Doctor is talking about her timeline from birth to death and she says she doesn’t want any previews. I hope this isn’t subtle Moffatt foreshadowing to Clara’s death :(

    Except that in Listen, we learn that Orson is the child of Danny and Clara and that she is his great grandmother. So if she dies, that timeline ceases to exist. 

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  • Do you feel it?

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  • tillthenexttimedoctor:

    This was… oh my god. Wow.

    No words.

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  • haruspis:

    Yup, was as emotional about that bit as I was when I read the script. Well done Steven Moffat, you have well and truly claimed my soul through this flood of tears.

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  • "Do you have your own mood lighting because frankly, the accent is enough."
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